The Leadership

Srilakshmi Bhopal


As the Founder of All for Animals Foundation, Srilakshmi Bhopal has been involved in a number of animal rescue, rehabilitation, feeding, ABCs, animal cruelty cases, animal rights issues, fund-raising projects and activities, over the years. Under her able guidance, All for Animals Foundation dedicates itetself to the welfare and empowerment of stray animal welfare. 

At AFAF, Srilu manages Government Relations, Strategic Project Operations, Volunteer Enrolment and Empowerment. She is an avid Animal Rights activist and rescuer, going about her varied activities like stray dog sterilisation programs, adoption drives, rescue and rehabilitation projects, fighting against animal cruelty cases apart from being the brand ambassadress for All for Animal Foundation. 

Srilu is an active society hostess, animal activist, private equity investor and interior designer. She is a highly networked individual and has interacted with different fragments of the society extensively developing numerous contacts especially in the Public services and State Governments of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.  Srilu is also an investor in private and public companies that successfully operate in emerging markets, particularly those that leverage cross-border synergies. She has successfully invested in over 20 companies in India, the Middle East and the USA. 

Archana Naidu


As the Founder for All for Animals Foundation, Archana Naidu is the visionary leader and a power player who advocates policy proposals, causes ideological changes and affects popular perceptions of the Animal Welfare Space. On behalf of AFAF, She is working relentlessly towards influencing change in the welfare of stray animals in the country.

At AFAF, Archana is responsible for providing strategic and financial leadership for accelerating growth and development of the long term plans of the Foundation.She drives the high level corporate strategy and all major company decisions ensuring alignment with the objectives of the Foundation.She also handles Investor & Public Relations, Private-Public Partnerships and innovation initiatives. 

Archana is a highly networked professional within corporate circles with an outgoing, influential personality and a track record for building successful growth strategies for organisations As a professional, Archana is a Strategic Advisor for multiple organisations in Hyderabad. She has 25 years of  experience working for start-ups and Fortune 500 companies as an accomplished business coach, growth strategist, organizational development specialist, image and brand management consultant.  

She helps organisations reach high performance through leadership, strategy and culture alignment to enhance revenue outcomes, brand equity, performance, efficiency and market share. She was the Head of strategic business operations in her Family Business for over a decade. Archana is a noted Executive Coach and Mentor in the CXO and Leadership space in Hyderabad.

Pratima Sagar

Director, Fund Raising

Pratima is a Vegan for over a decade now and places her work with animals above everything else in life. Most of her activities be it art or writing, especially her publication work supports animals in every possible way.

For the last twenty years, she has continuously rescued and re-homed lost and abandoned pet dogs and cats and the ones that do not get adopted go on to stay with her in her house : turned into a home shelter for dozens of old, blind, deaf, crippled and injured animals which coexist with her own pet dogs, cats and horses including rescued birds. Like all other animal lovers, she feeds the street dogs and voices for their rightful existence in the urban landscape. Further, a deep concern for suffering and working animals lead Pratima to join the mission of camel rescues in Hyderabad – to save them from slaughter and send them back to Rajasthan, where they belong. She stables retired old race horses and ponies… She is a horse woman not for an adrenaline rush but for the love of these gentle large animals and that, which she inculcates in her horse riding students as well – a sense of conscientiousness and compassion for these lovely companionable giant creatures. 

As the Director -Fund Raising of All For Animals Foundation, Hyderabad, Pratima conducts Fund Raising charity events apart from annual Free Medical Camps for Working Horses and Ponies (the tangawallah and wedding horses) and inculcates among owners to be responsible and compassionate towards their animals instead of abandoning them once they get old. Pratima is also actively signing online petitions against cruelty to animals across the world,  be it in the form of sport, entertainment or experiments on animals in labs, and poaching, trophy hunting, apart from dairy farm animals bred in most merciless industries where their journey ends in painful slaughter houses. She is a voice for veganism on social media and reiterates her stand on cruelty free lifestyle. She truly believes , “A part of you remains unevolved if you haven’t loved animals!”, and more so for an artist who derives constant inspiration from animals and nature. Pratima grew up with pets around in houses with backyards flowing into wilderness, letting cats cozy up all over, watching birds nestle, squirrels and rabbits play, while coexisting with frogs and snakes and her dogs playfully chasing peacocks! Animals have always been and will remain an integral part of her existence.

Shiva Kumar Varma

Director, Operations

Shiva Kumar Varma is a research engineer working in renewable energies (solar) since 14 years and the Founder of Animal Blood Line. He has been an ardent animal activist since he was a child.

He is also into wildlife conservation, environmental protection and research projects During the years, Shiva not only fostered many animals, he also rescued treated and successfully released 1000s of animals, birds, including Dogs, cats, cattle, squirrels, reptiles ,birds from dehydration, injuries due to kite manga, fishing nets , electric shock, accidents  etc. He has handled multiple cases of animal abuse and stood for animal rights and aided in animal prosthetics

At All for Animals Foundation, Shiva manages the operations of all the initiatives of the Organisation and successful fulfilment, operational development and delivery of animal welfare programs. Shiva’s  focus, drive and enthusiasm, as well as excellent communication and relationship- building skills with volunteers and stakeholders  has led to successful rescue, rehabilitate and rehome animals that need us.

Anand Rayapudi

Director, Communications

Anand  leads the Marketing and communications initiatives that have the power to shape behaviour within our community; to drive awareness; and to inform future decisions on animal welfare. He is helping create the brand identity for AFAF, to be used through various social media platforms and communication media to help increase adoptions, donations, and the number of volunteers for the Foundation.

He stands for animal rights and believes that powerful communication can deliver an empowered society that attunes to animal welfare. 

Anand is a brand strategist and entrepreneur with 18 years of advertising experience working with Fortune 500 brands in both the offline and online markets. In 2011, he founded a global Data Management Platform and Advertising Network that was acquired in 2018. He is also the CEO of Mediafinity, a content licensing and distribution network based in Hyderabad, India. He has a solid reputation as a problem-solver and creative tactician in the fields of brand advertising, digital content licensing, media production, sales and marketing.

Pallavi Velury

Director, Learning

Pallavi Velury has been into animal rescue and welfare for many years. She is instrumental in sensitising multiple residential communities in Hyderabad into becoming animal friendly societies through multiple communication initiatives, building awareness and acceptance for stray animals as a part of human societies.

At All for Animals Foundation, Pallavi heads the Training and awareness vertical- instrumental in developing curriculum and modules for creating awareness and acceptance for stray animals especially for schools and colleges as AFAF believes that societies can be shaped better when children and youngsters can own their environment better. 

Pallavi is professional co-active life coach, animal activist, trainer and counselor, specializing in coaching /training/mentoring cross-cultural individuals through transition and into balanced, healthy, purposeful lives of their choosing .Pallavi works with individual clients, facilitates group sessions, leads workshops, and is an inspiring speaker. She is a published author of many white papers, a traveller, an entrepreneur and an experienced facilitator of life transitions. 

Phalguni Naidu

Director - Special Projects

For the last seven years Phalguni has maintained a discipline of feeding stray animals regularly, which turned into a project of feeding more than 300 stray dogs daily since the covid lock down. She  also worked extensively on multiple cases of rescue and rehabilitation of injured, abandoned stray animals and  re-homed most of them.
As a young adult, Phalguni refuses to simply stand on the side-lines to watch animals suffer. Instead, she has turned her passion for helping stray animals, into projects that have tangible, positive impacts on the society through her communications background. She makes animal-based web content which is a powerful means of encouraging social involvement and raising awareness on the issues.
She believes that the  engagement models in the animal welfare area can be transformed and our collective relationship to nature & stray animals can be re- aligned. She also believes that the government must impact change in the society with their wider outreach , as they can continuously spread appropriate communication on social and print media about animal compassion and welfare . To this effect she is actively participating in the AFAF’s initiatives for creating an impact on building awareness for the stray animal issues. She recently started creating message oriented, powerful short stories on street animals.  Through her commitment, this young activist is inspiring other people to stand for stray animals,  thus taking forward, the vision and values of “All for Animal Foundation”. 
As a professional, Phalguni is an energetic media executive with experience in creative development and production of high quality film and digital content . She is currently working with top media houses as an Executive Producer, producing content for the OTT Platforms like Netflix, Amazon, and Hotstar etc.

Krittika Bhopal

Director - Special Projects

Young Kritika, often finds herself rescuing a lost dog on the street or feeding the strays. Being a keen observer, she can at once spot an animal that is in need of help! Kritika Bhopal grew up with multiple pets at home including the rescued animals, so compassion, generosity, love and responsibility got ingrained into her at a very young age. 

Kritika understands the administrative aspects of animal welfare programs on a larger scale as she has been raised amidst an environment of varied activities like stray dog sterilisation programs, adoption drives, rescue and rehabilitation projects, fighting against animal cruelty cases etc., by her family.

As an independent animal activist, she has been actively involved in feeding stray dogs with a network of volunteers spread across the city of Hyderabad, providing medical care to animals that require immediate treatment & rehabilitation, Vaccination drives for local dogs to keep rabies and other common canine diseases  at bay; apart from conducting awareness programs amongst general public. Kritika has also successfully coordinated and taken charge of  the distribution of water bowls as part of the All For Animals Foundation’s Water Bowl Project for stray animals 2020. 

She nurtures a vision to be able to bring a true societal change for the benefit of homeless animals and strongly hopes for a community where animals are not stray and unwanted, apart from making blueprints for providing free medical care, shelter and forever homes for the animals that cannot be rehabilitated. As a young member of the board of All For Animals Foundation, Kritika Bhopal takes the organisation’s principles and long term goals to the next level.

Mayura Patil

Director Fund Raising

Mayura  Patil, grew up with dogs as part of her family.  She comes with a Hospitality Background. Lives in Europe for the past two decades, She is immersed in the all pervasive culture of compassion for animals. 
Her journey with animal rescues began, providentially, a few minutes away from where she grew up in Hyderabad. She was moved by the plight of puppies, kitten, Birds and Rabbits held captive in a pet shop by a Breeder,  under horrendous conditions. She ended up organizing a rescue operation to find them homes, and rally the community to fight for better conditions. 
She considers herself as the voice of the voiceless.  and that is her purpose.  All For Animals Foundation is a community of doers who rescue, nurture and fight for the animals in our lives.  And she considers her Pleasure to be a part of this Community.