Since many years AFAF has provided animal control services to CITY OF Hyderabad and its municipalities. We have fed, treated, re-homed, provided emergency aid,  conducted ABC’s for thousands of homeless, neglected and abused animals so far. Provided emergency aid for more than 2000 injured and sick animals 

AFAF aided in the donation and distribution of more than 10000 e-collars to GHMC pounds and feeds more than 1500 strays daily through their volunteer network support on a daily basis.

Our organization regulates uncontrolled domestic animals, assist with bites and attacks by aggressive animals, investigate reports of possible animal cruelty and neglect, pick up stray animals, pick up confined strays, pick up loose animals without proper rabies vaccinations , rescue injured animals, give animal information and referrals, and promote responsible pet ownership through education.

Upcoming Projects ( 2022-2025)

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