AFAF has worked on 1000+ animal cruelty, abuse and abandonment, with support of law enforcement for animals including cattle, dogs, camels, horses, snakes, birds etc including multiple illegal cattle transport cases  across AP and TS states with the help of government.

Animal Cruelty

In our quest to reduce animal cruelty we must totally rely on you and your love for animals. It’s sometimes difficult to know when to intervene, so we wanted to provide you with some guidelines for defining animal cruelty.

If you know of a situation where one or more of these descriptions apply please call the appropriate number listed below! If you see an animal being abused, dial +91 81064 92194 IMMEDIATELY ! 

What are some signs of animal neglect and/or abuse?

How do I report animal neglect and/or abuse?

You will be speaking with a representative of AFAF and they will guide you on appropriate procedure for registering a complaint to a law officer . If you decide to approach the local authorities please be sure you have the following information:

If you have any further questions or concerns please contact +91 81064 92194

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