All For Animals Foundation organises weekly adoption drives at the Necklace Road. We have conducted more than 100+ Pet adoption drives in the last few years. Interested people may visit necklace road very Sunday from 7 am until 11 am .If you find a pet that you are interested in adopting, you may comply with the adoption process template to expedite the adoption process. Thank you for opting to adopt! Questions about our process?  Contact by phone at Ph No: +91 81064 92194

Adoption Process

Here is some advice and things to think about to make the process easier for you AND your new forever friend!



Expect to spend time with the animals. This process could take anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour.


Make sure the animal is allowed in your residence. Go ahead and make sure they are welcome before taking a companion home.

Be responsible

Animals are like small people. They are a life-time commitment – they require regular food, vaccinations, and possibly emergency medical treatments. We look for forever families, so you must be able to provide for a new pet now and for the rest of its life.


Your animal needs more than a new owner. They need a parent. So prepare yourself to be a parent some of the things you will need can be found in our gift shop at lower than retail prices. 

Meet & Greet

You are looking to adopt another dog, bring yours with you! We want to make sure your current animals are compatible with the dog or puppy you want to adopt. Meeting on neutral territory will make the selection and introduction process that much easier.

Vet Records

Bring current vet records for any pets in your home, or be prepared to present your veterinarian’s contact information. We want to ensure that your animals are up-to-date on their vaccinations.

Your Family

Bring the whole gang to the adoption drive ! Some small children can be allergic to cats and dogs, but their parents are unaware of this condition. Some of our dogs are hard for the elderly or young children to handle due to their size and activity level. Bringing everyone in your household is critical for the success of the adoption and a long and wonderful life for the pet.

Adoption Preparation

AFAF would like to aid you not only in the adoption process, but also in the pre-adoption process. Before you are ready to bring a new pet into the family, you will need a few items. Some of the most common items are listed below, and many of the items can be purchased in any pet shop. We hope this helps as you prepare your family and home for a new arrival!

Things you’ll need:

Food and Water Bowls

Get the right size for your pet. It’s best to start small for puppies and upgrade size as needed. Bowls should be easy to clean and must be washed daily. Stainless steel will generally last and are easy to clean.

Collar and Leash

An adjustable collar is best for puppies and kittens. Remember to check the fit as your pet grows. You may need to buy another size before he/she is fully grown. Lightweight nylon is best to start.

Grooming Supplies

Brushes, combs, nail clippers, toothbrush (yes, pets need clean teeth just like people)– get everything you need to keep your new friend looking and feeling their best. Acquaint puppies and kittens with a grooming routine early. They will learn to enjoy your touch and you will avoid a battle of wills later.


Avoid strings and toys that chip easily and can be swallowed. Don’t allow your pet to chew on you, old shoes, or other belongings. Your pet will be confused when you are upset over the destruction of your favourite pair of sneakers.

The Right Food

Consult your veterinarian about the proper nutrition for your pet. Pet food manufacturers often have representatives at local pet stores to inform you about their foods. Puppies and kittens need special formulas for healthy development.

Crate or Bed

Give your pet its own safe place. Crates are wonderful tools for training your puppy. They allow it a special place to rest. You and your pet will be happier with one around.

Pet Care Books

There are many good books that will help you learn about your pet’s health and training needs. A good reference volume will help with many questions as they arise.

Litterbox or Housetraining

Don’t forget the litterbox for kitty or housetraining tips for pup!

Pet Proof Your Home

Secure dangerous, poisonous, or fragile items before you bring your new pet home as you do for young babies.

We Need Your Help!