Success Stories

Emergency Aid Project

Across the globe, animals have been subjected to torture and mistreatment at the hands of humans far too many times to count. And yet, with a little love, attention, and care, these same animals again love humans with fierce dedication. Through the “Emergency Aid Project”, all for Animals Foundation has so far helped rescue, treat and rehabilitate thousands of sick, old, abandoned, neglected, injured and needy animals in the last few years. AFAF gets these animals treated at the government /private clinics and hospitals before they are rehabilitated into permanent homes or shelters. AFAF’S continued rescue projects are conducted with the help of rescue ambulances and mobile clinic vehicles, under the guidance of trained vets and in hospitals under expert medical care. The number of calls we receive has significantly increased in the last few months, so we need continuous funding for this initiative, so we can extend support to our volunteer network as well.If you are inclined to offer dignity of life to these stray animals, help with animal care rescue and rehabilitation activities, please spread the word, sponsor or donate as to the Emergency –Aid Project.   

Water Bowl Project

Most stray animal and birds are dependent on water taps, water tanks, small ponds, stagnated water holes, puddles etc in communities for quenching their thirst. However, due to the scorching heat, these water resources dry up during summers. Lack of access to drinking water and dehydration leads to starvation /aggression/death in many animals. With summer temperatures soaring higher than ever before time to wake up and help these poor animals and birds.“All for Animals Foundation”, has initiated the “The Water Bowl Project “with an intention to set up 25,000 Cement Water Bowls for large and small stray animals across the city of Hyderabad .We have successfully  installed close to 4000 water bowls with the help of our volunteer network .To ensure sustainability of filling the water bowls for these needy animals, AFA has an extensive network of volunteers who have owned the responsibility of filling these water containers in their respective areas. We are in need of funds for procurement of the water bowls . We seek support and help us help these poor animals .Let us give them the dignity of basics for survival. Please come forward to donate for this initiative generously. Every rupee counts. 

Feed the Stray Program

Many animals in the country are sleeping with an empty stomach and no hope, lying down all day waiting for that person who comes and feeds them at least once every day. The surviving on the streets go hungry for days and are often found begging for food. They crave for human touch and love. A simple act of compassion from you, by offering one meal a day to the animals in your neighborhood, adds to the social responsibility of your ecosystem. AFAF has been feeding close to 1700 stray animals every day through their volunteer network and support .

During both the covid-19 lockdowns, AFAF extended the feeding program close to 17000 stray animals daily through the period of lockdown with funds from donors. We need funds from compassionate individuals /corporates who can come forward to supporting us in this program. If you share compassion towards these poor animals and you believe they deserve the dignity of one meal a day, please donate to Feed The Stray Program. 

Rescue and Rehabilitation

AFAF rehabilitation efforts give shelter and rescued animals a second chance at life. For many rescued animals, preparation for adoption can take months and sometime years. Once any pressing medical issues are addressed, AFAF volunteers foster and provide primary care and shelter to the rescued animals. AFAF takes steps to overcome any emotional hurdles preventing the dog from living a happy life. Some animals, display behaviour problems such as aggression and anxiety, and lack basic obedience skills. AFAF team supports the volunteers meet with most of the expenses pertaining to the rescues and rehabilitation of animals. Through the network , most of the times such animals find their forever homes and  adoptive parents become responsible for providing care for the rest of the rescued animals life, In some cases, AFAF pays for permanent rehabilitation of animals to shelters by paying for their boarding expenses for a life time. To support more such animals, AFAF requires funding support.