Srilakshmi Bhopal

​Founder & President

​A spontaneous task of rescuing a little injured puppy on the streets over a decade ago, Srilakshmi Bhopal, fondly known as Srilu Madam, among animal welfare activists has never stopped since, with her acts of compassion for needy animals has only grown multifold! Armed with over 400 volunteers spread across Telangana and Andhra Pradesh under her organisation titled All For Animal Foundation, Srilu’s work is both inspiring and layered …..from involving government authorities by inculcating compassion and care for these neglected lives on the streets to generating hoards of animal activists forming a chain in a gripping mission to provide safe environment for the urban animals.

Under the aegis of All For Animals Foundation, Srilu began her animal welfare programs with complete family monies by helping volunteers to get over 3000 stray dogs sterilised in Hyderabad and surrounding districts in the last three years now.
To promote the concept of petting Indian dogs, Srilu being in the front run coordinates weekly adoption drives, one being held at Police Commissionerate Compound in Neredmet titled “Telangana Pet Adoption” and another at Necklace Road titled “Four Legged Friends”…. Thankfully Srilu has the complete support of the Police as well as the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation in conducting such programs. 
Her collaboration with GHMC saw sprucing up of the Animal Care Centers in all the zones of GHMC, in creating state of the art operation theatres, post and pre surgery fostering facilities for Animal Birth Control programs apart from ambulances to pick and release the animals in respective areas. AFAF has also donated E Collars for dogs to the surgical departments of GHMC Animal Care Centers. The volunteers of AFAF in collaboration with GHMC, thus slowly and steadily are moving forward in their sterilisation drives in the city. 
Reporting, alerting, fighting and propagating against cruelty cases towards animals, Srilu literally moves the concerned government authorities and corporates… be it bringing to books the Meerpet mass killing of the dogs or the recent rescue of a large number of dogs from Hyat Nagar, which were illegally captured to be displaced. Apart from these AFAF also felicitates volunteers from neighbouring Andhra Pradesh in dealing with cruelty and rescue cases of camels cows and dogs. 
And one of the most successful drives initiated by Srilu was the Stray Animal Feeding Program where over 5000 dogs among stray cattle, monkeys and birds were fed during the first and second phases of the lockdown between 2020 to 2021 where volunteers dotted across the city received food for their street animals cooked and sent to them in special vehicles. In the same line of caring for these animals AFAF once again collaborated with GHMC in actualising 20,000 cement water bowls being installed across the city which are further maintained by volunteers by filling water on a daily basis. 
AFAF also conducts Annual Free Medical Camps for working horses belonging to tangawallahs and wedding horse providers from the old city of Hyderabad, especially to inculcate care and love for these animals which are usually used and discarded by the owners. 
Srilu further has the Stray Animal Vaccination Program on the anvil where dogs will be given both anti rabies and 7 in One vaccines to keep canine diseases at bay. 
Pooling in Indian American Vets, Srilu has dreams of creating a next level Animal Hospital and Shelter for the strays as well as rescued pet animals…. with blue blood running in her veins (Daughter in Law of the Atmakur Amarchinnta Samsthanam, Mehboob Nagar and Grand daughter of Maharani of Gadwal and paternally from Papannapet Samsthanam, Nizamabad) Srilakshmi Bhopal is leaving no stone unturned with the zeal of a queen to create a better environment and rightful living conditions for the lesser valued lives of our urban animals.